THE TEARAWAYS proudly release “And for our Next Trick” (Dirty Water Records) their Sixth full length Album in the last six years. Produced by Ed Stasium and featuring Rock and Roll Hall of Famers Clem Burke from Blondie on drums and Benmont Tench on Keyboards.  

John Finseth, Greg Brallier, David Hekhouse, and Clem Burke comprise the quartet that broke from the Santa Barbara indie scene from their simple origins back in 1981 playing in Isla Vista, Goleta and Santa Barbara.

With a legion of fans over the years that include the likes of Tom Hanks, Piers Morgan, Tom Green, members of the Beach Boys,. The Calling, Badfinger, American Pickers’ Mike Wolfe, NGTV’s Carrie Keagan and many more, the TEARAWAYS have played all over the U.S. and have performed in Europe for the last 13 years including several trips to the UK, Ireland and Scotland.

Songs from the new album, coupled with “Anthems”,  “Esquire” and the “Earle Mankey Sessions” have received regular airplay in the United States, the UK, Japan, Ireland, Australia, Canada, South Africa, Germany, Spain and many other countries.

THE TEARAWAYS combine the influence of the British Invasion with the California Sound with a touch of the Ramones, Clash and Blondie thrown in to deliver high energy performances wherever they perform.

The Single “Helluva Christmas” was a breakout Holiday rock add for Spotify and THE TEARAWAYS performed the number on the CW’s Hollywood include NBC, CBS, FOX, ABC, Tribune and The Arsenio Hall Show in U.S. syndication.

Here’s What People are saying about THE TEARAWAYS….

“Anthems and Lullabies”

Every song packs a punch! – Candace Marshall – Starlight Music Chronicles


There’s been some real thought put into these songs providing variance and wit. The whole album is a fun packed thing and when I bemoan the likes of Coldplay and their miserable sound it’s because of albums like this. Let it show that you are enjoying it and the listeners will too. This ticks all the boxes. The only thing that I’m not sure about is the title, something different, but a bit of a mouthful. – Don Valentine “Hear A Single” – Blogspot

“I remember seeing The Tearaways at Shea Stadium…..great band…” Tom Hanks

“These guys are a force to be reckoned with!” …. Piers Morgan Host of ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Lifestories & Daily Mail Columnist

“I know when I play a song on the radio and it is a hit to the Japanese; I hear them humming the songs later on in a different place and time….And I think “hey! That’s that Tearaways’ song!” That’s what is going on with the Tearaways in Japan now. They’ve become regular heavy rotation…. That hasn’t happened since the Ramones.” – Mike Rogers DJ/Producer “WHAT THE FUN DAY” – Tokyo Japan

Here’s my description of the Tearaways “Esquire” in its entirety: These boys are no strangers to this industry and it’s apparent in their cultivated sound. Listening to ‘Esquire’ is the kind of experience where you walk away feeling closer to these incredibly talented Musicians. They have exposed their hearts and souls vividly and authentically to their fans, comparable to them inviting you into their homes, having a couple of beers and shooting the breeze. It’s a warm, familiar, and fun feeling that leaves you satisfied long after the visit. Who doesn’t walk away from something like that feeling fantastic. That’s The Tearaways sound. Well done gentlemen! People, have you bought the album yet? Get on it! ….. Candice Marshall / Starlight Music Chronicles

“The Tearaways take you back to when music was to be enjoyed. Driving Beat and Lyrics you can understand and associate with. All self written. Great Image and Great live band too — great version of Badfinger’s Baby Blue and Bee Gees New York Mining Disaster. Come back soon boys” …. Billy Butler BBC Radio Merseyside and CAVERN CLUB DJ 1964/71

“Finally made it to a Tearaways show! So much fun — they rocked the place. Everyone should go see this band when they have the chance. Make the chance. I can only begin to describe it — I’m still trying to work it all out in my brain this morning. Musically, they are technically awesome; but they play rough and raw — sometimes packing 7-8 on stage w guests. Their covers are INSANE!! They opened with The Ramones’ Do You Remember Rock ‘n’ Roll Radio, but play strong, familiar, approachable originals too. (Does it count as a cover when you do Sugar, Sugar by The Archie’s, but you bring up Ron Dante to sing it?). So much contrast and contradiction. They are olde(er) and have played together in some form or fashion since 1981; yet they still sound young, produce new music and tour. They are at once classic Santa Barbara Beach, British Invasion and a bit of Punk — not above Pure Pop or a camp-y lyric, but never, EVER lose their edge and attitude. They are older so have a perspective; they’re serious about the gig but not taking anything too seriously. And don’t even get me started on the crowd. Last night reminded me, again, of everything I love about small venue live music — especially Rock n roll. Just go see them when you’re in LA, ok?” Michael Falcon.

“Bands like Fun. and artists like Taylor Swift may someday be the definitive faces of the early 21st century pop music scene, but there will be a place for the satirical commentary of a self-deprecating message such as The Tearaways’ “We Don’t Talk, We Text” that best captures what this century was truly like.” – Ted Frank The Second Disc

“Additionally, a personal perennial favorite of IPO, The Tearaways, have an answer for Dylan’s “Back Page” ad (if you will) with their newest song, “Much Too Old To Feel This Young” – Ted Frank The Second Disc

“They came from area code 805 and now their audio ride continues on the global sonic highway.” – Harvey Kubernik Author of “Turn up the Radio”

“Pop rock rules – especially to those that appreciate melody and harmony. Buddy Holly was right, and so are the Tearaways.” “mesmerizing power pop with soaring harmonies and hooks enough for a fishing trip with the Beatles. The Tearaways new stuff is as good as anything that ever came out of Santa Barbara.” Bill Locey The Ventura County Star

“The Earle Mankey Sessions Vol. VII Rocks! I like every tune on the CD! Listened to “James Bond”, “We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight” and “Naughty Dog” on Vol. IV as well and they are simply amazing. I salute you Tearaways!” – Jeffrey Foskett from The Beach Boys

“Tearaways Earle Mankey Sessions IV & 7 are both necessary purchases for every pop music fan. Great, catchy songs with terrific melodies and harmonies are the order of the day.” “Repeat after us: “Must have. Must have. Must have!” – Alan Haber Pure Pop Radio

“Volume IV is highlighted by the most awesome “We Don’t Talk We Text” (“Edison and Orwell would be apoplectic/to see us multi-task in a world that’s so hectic”), which should be considered for the new National Anthem or something. There’s also the cheeky blues of “Naughty Dog,” the slinky, double entendre-filled rock of “Girls Who Love Cars,” and the hilarious “We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight,” which may be the world’s first-ever power pop sea shanty.Many of the songs on Volume 7 merge British Invasion-type harmonies — and the Tearaways sure can sing ‘em, too — with sprightly, acoustic guitar-based melodies. Favorites here would have to be “Friends & Enemies” (love the “whoa-oh-oh” vocal bits), the breezy “In Dublin,” the overly Beatley “I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care,” and the slam-bang “Keep Your Knickers On,” which AC/DC could certainly cover.” John Borack – Goldmine Magazine – Power Pop Plus

“The Tearaways – Earle Mankey Sessions: Vol. IV & VII are two great albums from start to finish. These guys really can bust out hits. Their Songs are strong, fun and powerful. They make great music and know how to Rock N’ Roll. I guarantee that once you hear these guys you will want to get not just one album but both of them because they are worth it! And believe me, you will not be disappointed!!! Check out The Tearaways and you’ll see what I mean, they are great!!! Enjoy!! – Ron McMaster Capitol Records Mastering

Recent releases are below:

Recent Discography

“Mathew Street” – single – July 2012 available iTunes

“We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight b/w “Baby Blue” released November 2013 Robo Records a division of Universal Music

“Name That Tune” b/w “I Pray Guitar” & “Baby Blue” released July 2014 Robo Records a division of Universal Music

“Earle Mankey Sessions: Vol. IV” released November 2014 Robo Records, a division of Universal Music

“Earle Mankey Sessions: Vol 7” – released November 2014 Robo Records, a division of Universal Music

“EARLE MANKEY SESSIONS III” November 2016, Vivid Sounds, Incorporated – Japan CD Release Only

“International Pop Overthrow CD 17” – The Tearaways – “We Don’t Talk We Text” 2014

“International Pop Overthrow CD 18” – The Tearaways – “Much Too Old To Feel This Young” – July 2015

“International Pop Overthrow CD 19” – The Tearaways “BASH” -July 2016

“International Pop Overthrow CD 20” – The Tearaways – “That’s Rock!” – July 2017

“Esquire” aka “DW Hofner, Martin Gibson, Ludwig Rickenbacker, Marshall Gretsch, Earle Hammond, Vox Fender, Esq.” – Alternative Sounds Recordings – July 2017

“Rodney’s Got a GTO II – Christmas Album” – The Tearaways “Helluva Christmas” – November 2017

“Anthems And Lullabies” – The Tearaways – Alternative Sounds Recordings – April 2018

“International Pop Overthrow CD 21” – The Tearaways – “I Could Love You Forever” July 2018

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