Here’s What People are saying about THE TEARAWAYS….and about “The Earle Mankey Sessions Vol. IV & VII”

“I remember seeing The Tearaways at Shea Stadium…..great band…” Tom Hanks

“These guys are a force to be reckoned with!” …. Piers Morgan CNN & ITV Talk Show Host

“The Tearaways take you back to when music was to be enjoyed. Driving Beat and Lyrics you can understand and associate with. All self written. Great Image and Great live band too — great version of Badfinger’s Baby Blue and Bee Gees New York Mining Disaster. Come back soon boys” …. Billy Butler BBC Radio Merseyside and CAVERN CLUB DJ 1964/71

"Finally made it to a Tearaways show! So much fun -- they rocked the place. Happy birthday John! Everyone should go see this band when they have the chance. Make the chance. I can only begin to describe it -- I'm still trying to work it all out in my brain this morning. Musically, they are technically awesome; but they play rough and raw -- sometimes packing 7-8 on stage w guests. Their covers are INSANE!! They opened with The Ramones' Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio, but play strong, familiar, approachable originals too. (Does it count as a cover when you do Sugar, Sugar by The Archie's, but you bring up Ron Dante to sing it?). So much contrast and contradiction. They are olde(er) and have played together in some form or fashion since 1982(?); yet they still sound young, produce new music and tour. They are at once classic Santa Barbara Beach, British Invasion and a bit of Punk -- not above Pure Pop or a camp-y lyric, but never, EVER lose their edge and attitude. They are older so have a perspective; they're serious about the gig but not taking anything too seriously. And don't even get me started on the crowd. Last night reminded me, again, of everything I love about small venue live music -- especially Rock n roll. Just go see them when you're in LA, ok?" Michael Falcon.

“Bands like Fun. and artists like Taylor Swift may someday be the definitive faces of the early 21st century pop music scene, but there will be a place for the satirical commentary of a self-deprecating message such as The Tearaways’ “We Don’t Talk, We Text” that best captures what this century was truly like.” - Ted Frank The Second Disc

“Additionally, a personal perennial favorite of IPO, The Tearaways, have an answer for Dylan’s “Back Page” ad (if you will) with their newest song, “Much Too Old To Feel This Young” - Ted Frank The Second Disc

“They came from area code 805 and now their audio ride continues on the global sonic highway.” - Harvey Kubernik Author of “Turn up the Radio”

“Pop rock rules – especially to those that appreciate melody and harmony. Buddy Holly was right, and so are the Tearaways.” “mesmerizing power pop with soaring harmonies and hooks enough for a fishing trip with the Beatles. The Tearaways new stuff is as good as anything that ever came out of Santa Barbara.” Bill Locey The Ventura County Star

“The Earle Mankey Sessions Vol. VII Rocks! I like every tune on the CD! Listened to “James Bond”, “We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight” and “Naughty Dog” on Vol. IV as well and they are simply amazing. I salute you Tearaways!” - Jeffrey Foskett from The Beach Boys

“both necessary purchases for every pop music fan. Great, catchy songs with terrific melodies and harmonies are the order of the day.” “Repeat after us: “Must have. Must have. Must have!” - Alan Haber Pure Pop Radio

“Volume IV is highlighted by the most awesome “We Don’t Talk We Text” (“Edison and Orwell would be apoplectic/to see us multi-task in a world that’s so hectic”), which should be considered for the new National Anthem or something. There’s also the cheeky blues of “Naughty Dog,” the slinky, double entendre-filled rock of “Girls Who Love Cars,” and the hilarious “We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight,” which may be the world’s first-ever power pop sea shanty.

Many of the songs on Volume 7 merge British Invasion-type harmonies — and the Tearaways sure can sing ‘em, too — with sprightly, acoustic guitar-based melodies. Favorites here would have to be “Friends & Enemies” (love the “whoa-oh-oh” vocal bits), the breezy “In Dublin,” the overly Beatley “I Don’t Know and I Don’t Care,” and the slam-bang “Keep Your Knickers On,” which AC/DC could certainly cover.” John Borack - Goldmine Magazine - Power Pop Plus

“The Tearaways - Earle Mankey Sessions: Vol. IV & VII are two great albums from start to finish. These guys really can bust out hits. Their Songs are strong, fun and powerful. They make great music and know how to Rock N’ Roll. I guarantee that once you hear these guys you will want to get not just one album but both of them because they are worth it! And believe me, you will not be disappointed!!! Check out The Tearaways and you’ll see what I mean, they are great!!! Enjoy!! - Ron McMaster Capitol Records Mastering


The Tearaways combine the influence of the British invasion with the California Surf Sound to create a driving brand of power pop that appeals to all ages. With fans from Tom Hanks & Piers Morgan, to Tom Green to Jeffrey Foskett (guitarist for the Beach Boys) to music lovers from Southern California to Liverpool and beyond, the reenergized band has a full slate for 2016 with a new album slated for July on Robo Records/Universal and a release of “The Earl Mankey Sessions Compilation” on Vivid Sounds Inc, in Japan. The Tearaways cut the theme song for the newly rebooted series, “Name That Tune,” and placed four songs in the Multi-Award Winning Independent film, “Flytrap” . Since their formation a couple of decades ago, the Tearaways are poised to have their biggest year yet.

The Tearaways started in the early ‘80s in Santa Barbara, when guitarist and vocalist John Finseth formed a band with some friends to reflect their shared influences: the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Eagles, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, The Kinks, The Hollies, Squeeze, Tom Petty and Bob Dylan. Finseth recruited Greg Brallier (vocals/guitar), Dave Hekhouse (guitar), Jesse (drums and percussion) and Perry (pianos/keyboards) Benenati and later,

John Ferriter (guitar/bass/vocals) and the band’s career began in earnest. In 1983, Ferriter left to join the Stingrays, where he was the lead singer/guitarist and songwriter for 13 years before moving to the other side of the entertainment business: he went to work at William Morris in 1991, and subsequently became the worldwide head of Nonscripted Television launching the careers of and working with some of the biggest personalities in entertainment (Ryan Seacrest, Garth Brooks, The Spice Girls, Hanson, Carson Daly, Jimmy Kimmel, Piers Morgan, Chelsea Handler, Chris Hardwick and others), before launching the entertainment division of Octagon and later his new The Alternative Co.

In the meantime, the Tearaways became one of the longest-lasting and most respected Santa Barbara bands, recording several independent releases, performing at both private and public gigs around the world and garnering a slew of fans, ranging from Piers Morgan to Tom Hanks. Hanks first met the band in 2002 and hired the Tearaways to play some events for him. The Tearaways also placed a song, “Bring It On,” on ESPN’s College Game Day broadcast.

In 2004, the Tearaways were invited to play Beatle Week in Liverpool. They performed for huge crowds at the festival and also appeared at the famous Cavern Club; they now return to the festival every year. Their appearances gained them another famous fan, Joey Molland of Badfinger, who used the Tearaways as his back-up band both in the United States and in England. The Tearaways have also been inducted into the Beatle Week Hall of Fame.

Finseth invited Ferriter, then Managing Director of Octagon Entertainment now Chairman and CEO of The Alternative, to perform at Beatle Week with the Tearaways in 2012. Ferriter rejoined the group and in spring 2013, The Tearaways teamed up with noted producer Earle Mankey (Sparks, the Runaways, Concrete Blonde, The Ramones, 20/20 The Three O’Clock) to record 55 songs. An EP, as well as two volumes, “The Earl Mankey Sessions Volume IV” and “The Earl Mankey Sessions: Volume VII” were released on Robo Records/Universal Music in 2014 and are now available on iTunes, with Volume III slated for 2016. The songs have the Tearaways trademark power pop chords combined with the clever wordplay of their lyrics. “I Pray Guitar,” “Girls Who Love Cars,” “We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight, “We Don’t Talk We Text”, “Naughty Dog” and “James Bond” highlight the band’s command of rock melody and songwriting. And a the most recent single, “I’m Much Too Old To Feel This Young” continues to show their way with pop melody.

The Earl Mankey Sessions feature contributions from some of the Tearaways other fans, including Tom Green (who plays harmonica on “I Love the Blues” and raps on “Sucks to be You”), Piers Morgan (the voice of James Bond on “James Bond”), Dr. Drew Pinksy (“I Love My Life”), Jenna Owens (the voice on “Naughty Dog”) and Beach Boys guitarist Jeffrey Foskett (I’ll See You Again” and “Name That Tune”) Don Peake of the famous Wrecking Crew (banjo on “Sucks to Be You” and lead guitar on “I Love the Blues.).

The Tearaways recent appearances on the “CBS Morning Show”, The WGN Morning Show in Chicago, Good Day LA, “Arsenio Hall Show” and the New NBC Show “Now Brian Copeland” have garnered attention coupled with live performances in Los Angeles, Detroit, Chicago, San Antonio, Dublin, Ireland and a series of shows in Liverpool, England, the band has started to hit their stride with a renewed energy and commitment. A recent show at The Catalina Jazz Club with the Famous Wrecking Crew All Stars saw the band sharing the stage with some of the greatest musicians of the last sixty years. The band also recently backed up Badfinger Alum Joey Molland, and Two Time Tony Award winner and Pop Music Legend Ron Dante (“Sugar Sugar”, Pat Benatar, Cher, Barry Manilow, etc.) The band also has Four songs featured prominently in the Award Winning Psychological Thriller Motion Picture “FlyTrap” which recently won the competition at the prestigious 2015 European International Film Festival in Paris (ECU), The Chelsea Film Festival and the top Prize at the Houston Film Festival. The Tearaways also organized a Sold Out event Hosted by Piers Morgan and Mark Walberg at the World Famous Troubadour honoring legendary producer Earle Mankey and benefiting “A Dog’s Life Rescue” in 2014 a second benefit at SoHo in Santa Barbara featuring the reunion of Seminal Santa Barbara Favorite The Pranks to benefit Cory Orosco and his cancer treatment and “The Benefit for Bryson” which featured 12 of Santa Barbara’s favorite all time music acts to benefit Tim Bryson’s cancer treatments.

“September 21st, 2016 will see the release of “The Earle Mankey Sessions Vol. III” in Japan on the Vivid Sounds Corporation label. A compilation taking some of the best songs from Earle Mankey Vol. IV and Earle Mankey Vol. 7 and the Name That Tune EP. A brand new bonus track and video will also be included of “Hello Isla Vista”.

October 2016 will see the launch of The Tearaways next domestic release “Age Is Only A Number” featuring “Hello Isla Vista”, “Bash”, “I Quit My Job”, “Find Another Fool”, “Much Too Old To Feel This Young” amongst others. This album was also Co-Produced with Earle Mankey and features Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Drummer Clem Burke from Blondie on a number of Tracks.

The band recently completed a number of shows in Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Liverpool, England with Clem Burke filing in for the injured Jesse Benenati.

Recent Discography

“We’re All Gonna Drink Tonight b/w “Baby Blue” released November 2013 Robo Records a division of Universal Music

“Name That Tune” b/w “I Pray Guitar” & “Baby Blue” released July 2014 Robo Records a division of Universal Music

“Earle Mankey Sessions: Vol. IV” released November 2014 Robo Records, a division of Universal Music

“Age Is Only A Number” scheduled for July 2016 release Robo Records, a division of Universal Music

“EARLE MANKEY SESSIONS Compilation” scheduled for release June 15, 2016, Vivid Sounds, Incorporated - Japan CD-Vinyl Release Only

“International Pop Overthrow CD 17” - “We Don’t Talk We Text” 2014

“International Pop Overthrow CD 18” - “Much Too Old To Feel This Young” 2015

“International Pop Overthrow CD 19” - 2016

“EARLE MANKEY SESSIONS: VOL. III” scheduled for release September 21, 2016, Vivid Sounds Corporation - Japan CD-Vinyl Release Only

“International Pop Overthrow CD 19” - “Bash” - 2016